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Corruption Publishers Events and News Articles.

Publishing Newsworthy Public Safety Information.

Person’s Submitting Evidence are Protected By Federal Whistleblower Protection Statutes In Conjunction With the US Constitution.

National, state and municipal political corruption trends based newsworthy public safety awareness data of alleged or convicted perpetrator profiles. Information is  based on current crowd-sourced news articles, national, state and local news events, and Geo API database resources. This platform uses the latest open-source social technology platforms in combination with citizen public safety reporting systems and public domain data.  This map visually depicts the trends of political exploitation, professional malpractice, collusion and corruption by various US regions.




Tacked information can consist of any alleged, vulnerable person exploitation, abuse or negligence matter. Published information can consist of any alleged or publicly documented; adjudicated white collar civil abuse, exploitation, negligence, corruption matter, collusion or criminal event if you feel it is newsworthy, in the interest of public safety and your right as a citizen to warn other potential victims.

  1. Double click Blue Tack in the Pacific Ocean by California to add your own Tack, information and witness accounts/evidence,
  2. Once secondary tack appears by ocean tack you had clicked, a dialog box will appear,
  3. type your information into this dialog box (see suggestion below) hit submit button.
  4. Now drag your tack and zoom in to map region to place you tack at the approximate city or general region of where the vulnerable person incident event(s) or any white-collar crime/corruption event occurred, then allow 24 hours for processing.

Acronyms used in this Citizen’s Public Safety Reporting System (CPSRS) and for use in submitting research, information and evidence. If your circumstance is an emergency call 911.

VP = Vulnerable Person

DV = Domestic Violence

PC = Political Corruption

CP = Child Predator

CV = Crime Victim

CRV = Civil Rights Violations

G/C = Guardianship and/or Conservatorship

EP/G = Estate Planning and/or Guardianship Attorney 

PCP = Primary Care Physician

CP = Clinical Psychiatrist – Neurocognitive Evaluator 

LSW + Licencee Social Worker Evaluator

WCCP = White Collar Crime Perpetrator


Suggested Information to Add To Map Tack & Easiest Data Submission Procedures.

You can add single or multi submissions at once (batch) and submissions can be on any alleged or publicly documented and adjudicated white-collar, civil or criminal offence, for use on other category-specific research and web maps (i.e., fraud, larceny, collusion, extortion, intimidation, isolation, graft, embezzlement, undue influence, etc.).

Best procedures to submit single or multiple/batch event information/evidence;

Prepare your story in Word and have document photo images, photos and video links prepared to submit in advance of placing new tack on map. This makes process easier, more accurate, comprehensive and quicker. Consider including information and evidence of vulnerable person on general or specific events of abuse, negligence, exploitation professional malpractice, healthcare facility ethnics, state statute and federal acts violations information.

Once your documentation is prepared, then after clicking the Pacific Ocean tack; which will initialize the data-entry box  to appear,  copy and paste your preferably dated events from Word ( or other word processor application) and upload the information, witness account, evidence, names, businesses, document-photos, video links, or any materiel consisting of acts of vulnerable person negligence, exploitation,  abuse, professional malpractice, collusion, organized crime/cover-ups or corruption. Once you have added your information, click the submit bottom close the box and drag the tack to the approximate location were the event occurred. Note be sure not to use your browsers windows side scroll function since this will cause your tacks data entry box to disappear on some devices.

Zoom in as necessary to position your tack. Exact coordinates and addresses are not required. Your submission can be either anonymous by using an alias name and email or you can use your real name. If you would like us to contact you must use a real email address. If you have a lot of research and evidence a free Cloud account is available for your information submission.



To warn the public of potential threats to their or their families safety as well as the community.

Submissions become research so repeating  patterns can be accessed  in each region and repeating offenders and their actions can be cataloged in a publicly owned citizens database of repeating white collar perpetrators.


Corruption Maps News Articles, Political Corruption and White-collar Professional Profile & Support Evidence Submission Directions:

If you would like to submit additional information on any professional who has taken advantage of a vulnerable person then:

1) add your own Map Tack or,

2) open a free cloud account on this website and upload any type of evidence (See Advocates section) or,

3) contact an Advocate using any Contact Form on this website.