Judicial District 9 – Elder Abuse Map

Judicial District 9:  Elder Exploitation, Abuse, Negligence, Probate Court Professional & Elder-care Facility Violations, For profit Guardians- Conservatorship Abuse/Arrests, Research, Trends & Repeating Patterns.

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Judicial District 9 Elder Abuse, Exploitation & Negligence By Professional In Probate Court & Elder Care Facilities.

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Washington – Elder Abuse Map 

Idaho – Elder Abuse Map (Geo-intel Trend Analysis On) 

Default View Collusion Network Map Tack - Repeating White Collar Crimes # 06-3-00177-1 Collusion Network Map Tack - Repeating White Collar Crimes # 2006-6619 Collusion Network Map Tack - Repeating White Collar Crimes # 2008-6827 White Collar Vulnerable Person Collusion Map # 2013-1509 Collusion Network Map Tack - Repeating White Collar Crimes # 2016-3989 42 C.F.R. 21 50.51 – 50.53 Sherlock AI Data Curator Detective Data Source AI Data Source Aiding and Abetting Bonner County C.F.R Violations C.F.R. 42 § 21-50 C.F.R. 42 § 482.13 Civil Breech Civil Rights Violations CMS Violations Coeur D'alene Collusion Corruption Criminal Conspiracy Criminal Profiteering Crowd-source Defalcation Dept. of Health and Welfare Violations Dept. of Health Violations Elder Abuse Embezzlement Expert Witness Avadavat Exploitation Extortion FDA Violations Felony Crime Fiduciary Violations FINRA Violations Fraud Fraud in the inducement Fraud in the procurement Fraudulent Concealment Hospital IC 15-8-103 IC 18- 3124 IC 18-1352 IC 18-1353 IC 18-1401 IC 18-1405 IC 18-1501 and related violations IC 18-1501 violations IC 18-1505 Violations IC 18-1901 IC 18-1902 IC 18-1903 IC 18-1904 IC 18-1905 IC 18-1906 IC 18-2403 IC 18-2407 IC 18-2706 IC 18-3002 IC 18-3101 IC 18-3123 IC 18-3125 IC 18-3126 IC 18-3601 IC 18-3602 IC 18-3603 IC 18-3605 IC 18-3606 IC 18-3607 IC 18-3609 IC 18-3610 IC 18-3614 IC 18-3615 IC 18-4630 IC 18-4801 IC 18-6501 IC 18-6713 IC 18-7803 IC 18-7803 violations IC 18-918 violations IC 30-1510 IC 39-5302 violations IC 41-1306 IC 41-293 IC 41-294 IC 49-518 IC 5-218 IC 5-219 ICAR violations Idaho Code §§ 18-7801 to -7805 Intimidation. IRE violations IRS Circular 230 Isolation Kootenai Kootenai County Kootenai County Corruption LSW NASW Violations Malpractice Manipulation Moral Turpitude Negligence Organized Repeating Criminal Events Priest Lake Restricted Access Rule 1.1 Rule 1.10 Rule 1.14 Rule 1.15 Rule 1.16 Rule 1.7 Rule 1.8 Rule 4.1 Rule 4.2 Rule 4.3 Rule 4.4 Rule 7.1 Rule 8.1 Rule 8.3 Sandpoint Spokane County SSA Section 28 Violations SSA Subtitle B – Elder Justice SSA Title XVIII Violations State Bar Violations Stevens County TEDRA Violations Undue Influence Uniform Power of Attorney Act Violations Uniform Probate Code Violations Uniform Trust Code Violations

California – Elder Abuse Map (Geo-intel Trend Analysis On) 

 Nevada – Elder Abuse Map (Geo-intel Trend Analysis On) 

 Arizona – Elder Abuse Map (Geo-intel Trend Analysis On)