Probate Corruption Map

County-by-County Research on Organized Elder Exploitation Crimes, Abuse, Negligence Events, Repeating Patterns &Trends.

AlTrueSoft™ Geo-intelligence for data tracking & trend analysis.

DIRECTIONS: Click Tacks on or below map to view related articles, links, reports, video or other trend analyses data.

1) NAVIGATION: Use + or – buttons to zoom map in or out. For heavily concentrated areas (heat-zones) click circle clusters for detail view of more regional Pins. Click on Map Pins wait for data to load then access links to regional public news articles, victim/advocate stories with supporting evidence, videos, agency reports and related information specific to that geographic area.
2) PIN YOUR OWN EVENTS: Double click or tap map to add your own story, when dialog box appears add text, pictures, links, video links and evidence. These features work on desktop computers and mobile devices. You may also use forms to submit your event circumstances.
3) VIOLATION TAGGING & TREND ANALYSIS: Below the map is tagged data of Statutory, Federal Act and occupational compliance violation codes, current case investigations, research data, profiles of repeating perpetrator patterns. Press buttons to filter map data to identify cross related cases, stories and events.