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50  States Official State Court Websites. &  Official Websites of Each State Bar Association.

Report Attorney State Bar “Model Rules” Ethic Violations.

Most state court websites contain a directory or list of all the state courts and the judges of those courts. They usually contain the location and telephone number of each court. They may also provide you with details on what type of cases a particular court hears. Sometime these site provide self-help forms or information.

Most state bar associations provide a directory or search engine of the attorneys licensed to practice law in that jurisdiction. Most will indicate if the lawyer is active, eligible to practice, or if the lawyer has been disciplined. Most will also give you information on filing a complaint against an attorney.

Click on the link to go to the official website of the following state courts systems or bar associations.


ALABAMA Alabama Judicial System Online Alabama State Bar
ALASKA Alaska Court System Alaska Bar Association
ARIZONA Arizona Judical Branch State Bar of Arizona
ARKANSAS Arkansas Judiciary Arkansas Bar Association
CALIFORNIA California State Courts State Bar of California
COLORADO Colorado Judicial Branch Colorado Bar
CONNECTICUT Connecticut Judicial Branch Connecticut Bar
DELAWARE Delaware State Courts Delaware State Bar
FLORIDA Florida State Courts Florida Bar
GEORGIA Judicial Branch of Georgia State Bar of Georgia
HAWAII Hawai’i State Judiciary Hawaii State Bar
IDAHO Idaho State Judiciary Idaho State Bar
ILLINOIS Illinois Courts Illinois State Bar
INDIANA Indiana Courts Indiana State Bar
IOWA Iowa Judicial Branch Iowa State Bar
KANSAS Kansas Judicial Branch Kansas Bar Association
KENTUCKY Kentucky Courts of Justice Kentucky Bar Association
LOUISIANA Louisiana Supreme Court Louisiana Bar Association
MAINE Maine Judicial Branch Maine State Bar
MARYLAND Maryland Judiciary Maryland Bar
MASSACHUSETTS The Massachusetts Court System Massachusetts Bar
MICHIGAN Michigan Courts State Bar of Michigan
MINNESOTA Minnesota Judicial Branch Minnesota State Bar
MISSISSIPPI Mississippi Judiciary Mississippi Bar Association
MISSOURI Your Missouri Courts Missouri
MONTANA Montana Judicial Branch State Bar of Montana
NEBRASKA Nebraska Judicial Branch Nebraska State Bar
NEVADA Nevada Supreme Court State Bar of Nevada
NEW HAMPSHIRE New Hampshire Judicial Branch New Hampshire Bar
NEW JERSEY New Jersey Courts Online New Jersey State Bar
NEW MEXICO New Mexico Courts State Bar of New Mexico
NEW YORK NY State Unified Court System New York State Bar
NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Court System North Carolina State Bar
NORTH DAKOTA North Dakota Courts State Bar of North Dakota
OHIO Supreme Court of Ohio Ohio State Bar
OKLAHOMA Oklahoma State Courts Network Oklahoma Bar
OREGON Oregon Courts Oregon State Bar
PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial Systems Pennsylvania State Bar
RHODE ISLAND Rhode Island Judiciary Rhode Island Bar
SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina Judicial Department South Carolina Bar
SOUTH DAKOTA South Dakota Unified Judicial System State Bar of South Dakota
TENNESSEE Tennessee Court System Website Tennessee Bar Association
TEXAS Texas Courts Online State Bar of Texas
UTAH Utah State Courts Utah State Bar
VERMONT Vermount State Courts Vermont Bar Association
VIRGINIA Virginia Judicial System Virginia State Bar
WASHINGTON Washington Courts Washington State Bar
WEST VIRGINIA West Virginia Court System West Virginia Bar
WISCONSIN Wisconsin Court System Wisconsin Bart
WYOMING Wyoming Judicial Branch Wyoming State Bar


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