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Vulnerable Person collision network and inter-connected  with Area Hospital Licensed social worker patient advocates, their guardianship services company,  geriatric care physician,  clinical psychiatrist events and officer of the court visitors reports and physicians reports which did not disclose vulnerable persons diagnosed cognitive impairments (R41.3 Memory loss- Amnesia and R1.9 mild neurocognitive change).

Reference 3 estate’s exploitation diagram and other relevant site pages for objective fact-based evidence; court documents. illicit estate documents (under circumstances), recordings, transcripts, medical records if required, court documents affidavits and expert and lay witness in relation to vulnerable person rural collusion network (request password as necessary). Medical and Healthcare related participants include:

  1. Caretakers Guardianship/ Estate Planning consulting Attorneys  repeating litigation/legal services with area Hospital’s LSW Patient Advocates; whom also own Guardianship Court Visitor Services Company,
  2. Recent Geriatric Care Physician (and assistant),
  3. Clinical Psychiatrist/Neurocognitive Evaluator

Each working in concert with caretaker-landlord/POA/Trustee’s,  G/C attroney and vulnerable person’s attorney and caretakers G/C attorney on related vulnerable person whom was being isolated (restricted family access)  at caretaker/POAs house and at hospital at time when vulnerable person was estate planning, transferring substantial assets to caretaker/POA/trustee/landlord(multiple confidential relationships) while she had substantial physical health ailments and diagnosed cognitive impairments.

  • Neurocognitive clinician did not have medical records for his neurocognitive report(s), Vulnerable person has suffered three near passing in year prior to initial evaluation (kidney failure, heart attack, premature elective Colin surgery complication, followed by another heart attack 2 weeks post an additional elective  shoulder surgery, again all while estate planning and latter surgeries while a G/C petition was filed).

·         Caretakers G/C attorney the same  attorney for repeating   elder matter litigating for HOSPITAL patient advocates guardianship services company, had filed motions to change the existing court ordered visitor to have Hospital patient advocates, guardianship services company perform  G/C court visitor company the same date as the same attorney filed to change the court appointed physician this occurred while   vulnerable person was having a triple bypass surgery and while family members were restricted private access a third time 42 C.F.R. § 483.10 from visiting with family members prior to surgery.


·         HOSPITAL Patient advocate owned guarding visitor company LSW president  suggests resigning from case due to obvious conflict of interest and then files a motion with court to withdraw due to alleged d conflict of interest 9wee motion to withdraw letter) , since the caretaker’s G/C attorney learns of this motion she has HOSPITAL advocate owned guardianship services company vacate his conflict of interest motion and then proceeds to file his guardianship visitors report which he admittedly did review any of the cases connections, alleged violations and suited physicians declaration which intentionally concealed  the vulnerable  person cognitive R41,4 Memory Loss – Amnesia and R 41.9 Mild Neurocognitive change disorder r. Disorders the caretakers G/C attorney also stated in a court filed motion of on or about the same date that the vulnerable person didn’t have and the petitioner was misrepresenting the facts. When in reality the physician’s declaration, the court visitors report and the caretakers G.C attorney blatantly mispresented he facts.


·         One of several Inland Northwest actual case example of estate planning & guardianship attorneys in-concert/collusion events triggering aforementioned health & G/C petition related/supporting in-concert  blocked hospital access events and cover-up court reports by healthcare & support guardianship services network include the following triggering events:

a)      caretakers G/C attorney began consulting with the vulnerable persons (VP)  estate planning attorney just two weeks after the vulnerable person kidney failure and subsequent vascular impairments which substantially affected her memory and,


b)       just two weeks after the new estate planning attorney drafted a new immediate POA for the caretaker which changed the vulnerable person existing POA from the other family member whom was selected as a springing  POA by the vulnerable person independently 2.5 years prior also,


c)       the new self-appointed caretaker and immediate POA substituted a potential heirs drafted Will/caretakers desired will instead of the original vulnerable person estate documents and will drafted by the vulnerable person independently with her choice of estate planning attorney also 2.5 years prior,

d)      In clandestine meeting  the soon to be caretaker had vulnerable person sign the new immediate POA while in the elder care facilities secretly and VP thought she was signing a POA where she remained solely in charge of her own estate and POA was to spring into effect on event of her incapacity only.  Prior springing POA was intentionally  not notified of this new POA by either the new estate planning attorney or the new Caretaker/POA attorney until after new estate documents, majority-ruled revocable Trust and Will which transferred million in assets from previous heirs to caretaker/POA,


e)       These events occurred at the same time caretaker’s future G/C attorney and the VP’s estate planning whom also became the  VP’s future G/C attorney were drafting illicit estate documents with the caretaker/POA, and having vulnerable person sign these documents while suffering life-threating congestive heart failure) vulnerable person has near fatal heart attack just hours after signing new estate documents.


f)       All these events  occurred 15 months before G/C petition was filed to protect health and estate of vulnerable person due to substantial repeating health and estate risks posed to the vulnerable person, when the  consulting estate planning attorney becomes caretakers G/C attorney at the same approximate time the vulnerabl;e persons esate planning attomery becomes the VP’s guardians attroney.

Confirm all statements with supporting evidence. Cross-reference with Federal Acts, Statatutory Laws If you require a password review the Password Policy on this website and request a password.

Repeating Circumstances: many  of these same circumstances also occurred on several other involving the same professionals , the same companies the same repeating patterns, under similar health circumstances concerning the vulnerable person and thei vulnerable persons estate. Each related case  involved illicit estate transfers, that places the vulnerable persons estate and health at risk. Review other case documented evidence on this website, request password as necessary. This option is currently only available to law enforcement, public safety journalists/publishers, victim advocates, victim advocate organizations or victims.

Repeating Crimes –  Fraud: Each Inland Northwest case of vulnerable person exploitation, negligence, abuse and professional malpractice has its own unique evidence.  There are thousands of ways for white-collar perpetrators to commit fraud, this is especially true when the victim is unaware, physically weakened or cognitively impaired and forced into a circumstance where they have to trust others for their survival.  Perpetrates sense this and cease these opportunities. Review evidence of each case relevant to perpetrator profiles and the Badges of Fraud descriptions, estate theft warnings signs and related educational materials in the Citizen’s Public Safety Network’s affiliated member websites and using government and other grassroots organization educations resources.


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