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AlTrueSoft Geo-intelligence for data tracking & trend analysis.

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Investigative Case Research Data Source Summary


PROJECT: Citizen to Citizen (C2C) Reporting from Crowd-sourced  Elder abuse, negligence and exploitation Data From #C2C Campaign for Public Safety, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithm Repeating Pattern Analysis, Altruesoft Ethics Breech Pairing Model (EBPM), Victims Statements, News Articles and Nonprofit County data specific to wither Urban or Rural Area Collusion of Vulnerable Person Exploitation aggregation.

Public Safety; Vulnerable Adult Crowd-sourcing Geo Project 2: National Elder Abuse Mapping Projects.

Technology and data-curating by Altruesoft, Inc: The Altruesoft ® software suite’s direct evidence documentation and citizen-to-citizen (#C2C) reporting platforms provide the perfect solution for verifiable whistle-blowing, citizen policing, civic accountability tracking, compliance reporting and perpetrator profiling through; direct victim testimony, field-data gathering, crowd-sourcing, AI algorithm source retrieval, repository analysis, “repeating pattern” research, litigation evidence and public safety geo-location alert systems.


State By State Violations of (1) Repeating Willful Misconduct, (2)  lack of Reasonable Care, (3) Litigant Abuse of Process as defined by Federal Acts, Statutory Code and Ethical Occupational Licensing Standards concerning Rules of Civil Procedure, Professional Conduct and matters directly related to  Elder Abuse, Exploitation & Negligence  

Established Common patterns

  1. Vulnerable Persons have assets worth several million dollars,
  2. most VP’s are elderly women with either physical/cognitive impairments usually both,
  3. each has age or medical circumstance related to cognitive decline or combination of both as they undertook estate planning and was intentionally restricted access or isolated from trusted family members or friends,
  4. Undue influence factors intentionally placed upon victim by financially driven family member-primary caretaker
  5. each included in concert and/or collusion with white collar professional legal/medical and in some cases established felon criminals,
  6. Attorney, LSW and geriatric care physician and neurocognitive clinician malpractice.

Additional repeating variables and repeating patterns include: Dependence, intentional, isolation/restriction on private access with trusted family member(so or friends by primary caretaker and permitted by attorney, new financial planning advisers and/or estate planning attorney, guardianship/consulting attorneys brought in prior to G/C petitions when VP first began suffering physical and cognitive diagnosis, new primary care or, geriatric care physicians, one or series of cognitive evaluation completed by  neurocognitive clinician completed without medical or  (against best practices) use of licensed social workers in collusion networks group for court visitor evaluations braising reports in doctors and clinics concealed and/biased cognitive evaluations and additions the LSW do not in driver court mate rails in family contentions or suspect financial matters and are repeating legal clients of attorneys operating in concert with suspect family member or caretaker, LSW or other individual in group also working in Dual role capacity as owners of geriatric service company while simultaneous employment  at health facility or hospital which allows them personal contact or knowledge of wealthy vulnerable person.   Estate planning attorney or financial, planning advisor also owning additional companies that they refer services of their vulnerable clients to their own or affiliated companies whom are also repeating clients of attorney as is the case of LSW an other geriatric evaluators; PCP physician & clinical Psychologist each whom were intentionally (concealment)  not disclosed prior physical and mental health diagnosis for their evaluative reports or court appointed declarations. In the medical profession these would business practices would be considered violations of the Stark Act.

Partial Research Findings Concerning Repeating Conflicts of Interest, Collusion, Bias,  Unethical Practices and Model Rule Violations. 

     Estate Planning Attorney are often Guardianship Attorneys and have established mutually beneficial cross relationships with other vulnerable person attorneys in the same region as well as established networks with specif geriatric care physicians or clinical psychiatrist(s) often use the same guardianship appointed visitor company which they motion for in VIP G/C petitions who refer VIP cases to their choice of guardianship company or fiduciary services company. At least one attorney also owns a fiduciary services company and each of the business entities use the same network of attorneys for litigation services. There is also documented court evidence that of a court appited geritric care phsysician intentionally concealing critical mental health diagnosis in in 5/2017 Physcians declaration. Several related cases also indicate physicians withholding medical diagniosis in physicians declarations and in one case the court pohysician gave a completly contray opinion to three other indepedant doctors review. The victim in this case estate went from #10 million dollars to under one million dollars in less than five years. Court record research indicats this has been ongong for at least 10 years. See perpertstot profiles to access witness accouts, recordings, esate documents and court documents for verification.

1. Levels 2 and 3 Research or Investigative Profiles May  Include:

  • Newsworthy public safety information,
  • Research and evidence on professional malpractice,
  • Federal Act or related violations,
  • IRS Circular 230 violations,
  • Federal Act violations,
  • Social Security Administration Title XVIII violations,
  • State Bar violations,
  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) violations,
  • Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) violations,
  • State Bureau of Occupational Licenses (IBOL) violations,
  • IC 18-7803 violations,
  • FINRA and/or SEC violations,
  • FINCEN violations,
  • UPC, UTC, UPOA and/or TEDRA violations,
  • IRPC, IRCP, IRE and related violations,
  • Stark Act Violations,
  • “Alleged” civil/criminal activities and/or
  • Repeating patterns of collusion in relation to vulnerable person estate planning or guardianship matters,
  • Partial related case history of repeating unethical patterns,
  • Attorney, LSW or Physician’s side businesses in vulnerable person services (conflicts of interest),
  • Attorney’s associated business relationships in vulnerable person ligation and repeating network of associates involved in such litigation ,
  • Identification of collusion related to vulnerable person exploitation and negligence,
  • State Statute identification of documented evidence concerning moral turpitude.


Cross-referencing Data Tables, Report, Summaries and Collusion Evidence Located in Specific Case Password Protected Sections.

Investigative research, education and awareness projects to inform regional citizens of vulnerable persons and their families of public safety concerns.

Repeating Patterns of Elder Exploitation, Fraud & Undue Influence.

National Estate Planning & Probate willful misconduct, Guardians and Court Visitor Company Connections as Defined Participants stated in Public Court Records News Articles.


Affiliated Networks of Geriatric Legal and Health Service Providers to Vulnerable Persons (Elder or Senior Citizens).

Estate Planning Attorneys, Guardians, Conservators, Investment managers,, accountant s Conservators and Guardianship Services Court Visitor Companies, Est Clinical Neurocognitive psychiatric evaluates, Home Health Affiliated Geriatric Primary Physicians acting In Concert with Non-Licensed Family Caretakers for purpose of vulnerable person exploitation, negligence, abuse (isolation). Malpractice State Bar, State Medical, CMS, Federal Act SSA Regulations relate to each state vulnerable person Statutes


Contact us to learn more about Vulnerable Adult Crowdsourced Geo Database Research, Submit Information in Kootenai, Bonner, Stevens and Spokane County Project or any location in the USA please fill out the contact form information below. A volunteer advocate will in contact with you shortly via email. If this is an emergency call 911 and report events to your local APS. You may use your real name and email or an alias name. Don’t forget to submit your vulnerable adult incident event to the geo database map (to do this just follow the directions on the map).

AI and Crowd Source Home Base Validation & Reference Tags.

Elder Exploitation, Negligence, Abuse, State Funded Health Facility Safety & Ethics Violations,  Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, Guardian, Conservator,  Primary Care Geriatric Physician, Estate Planning Attorney Legal and Medical Malpractice By State. Crowdsource, Geo API Developed in Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai County & Sandpoint, Bonner County, Idaho and Spokane & Stevens County, Washington


Profit to Nonprofit Northwest Business Alliance. Seattle & Spokane Washington, Sandpoint, Coeur d’alene, Kootenai County Human Rights Projects for Elder Justice,  Family Rights and Community Safety; Advocate Platforms Researching Guardianship, Conservatorship Abuse and related Probate Court Corruption.  Data aggregation sources and leads: regional newspapers, VP Taskforce, AltrueSoft Tech Platforms, Citizen to Citizen Reporting, Citizen’s Bureau of InvestigationNorthwest Journal NewsGrassroots Elder Advocate Organizations, state & national GAO research monitoring & grant projects. Key search terms: § 18-1505, § 39-5302, Adult Protective Services, Dept. of Health, Elder Abuse and Exploitation. Aggregated & direct interviews via Citizen research and complaints focused on corruption, professional cronyism among state licensed service providers such as Estate Planning Attorneys, Doctors, Physicians, Clinicians & coordinated medical/neurocognitive/capacity evaluations, Conservator, Court Visitor, LSW, Guardian, Guardianship, Trustee, Management Services, IRPC, Idaho State Bar, CMS, Hospital, Facility ManagementSECFINRACode of Federal Regulations,Tax Fraud, Wealth Management Services, Certified Financial Forensics & CPA Investigation manuals, Uniform Code and many more industry compliance guidelines . Supported by research from over site sources, Bureau of Occupational Licenses and all State Statutes relevant to Negligence, Exploitation & Abuse including Probate Court monitoring, Senate Hearing on “Toxic Conservatorships“, recent federal legislation, Acts of Congress, Elder Justice ActElder Abuse Guide For Law Enforcement (EAGLE), American Bar Association & American Psychologists Association Resources on & Elder Abuse & Vulnerable Person Legislation.

Courtesy of Citizen’s Public Safety Network & Citizen’s Bureau of Investigation Community Safety Projects | Spokane; Washington, Sandpoint & Coeur d’alene; Kootenai County, Idaho Elder Abuse Advocates & Grassroots Networks.

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